About Alkebulan

The usage of blockchain technology has enabled countless possibilities to improve products, services and even the quality of human lives. The controversy behind the existence of a decentralized system that cannot be controlled or manipulated by a third party has raised many eyebrows and at first, governments tried to shut it down. However, as the usage of this breakthrough technology shifted from early adopters and enthusiasts to masses, things started to change.

The blockchain technology provides a fast, transparent and secure alternative for payment transactions, keeping records, encrypted messaging, authenticated voting, proof of ownership, smart contracts and many others. Many great projects were built using this technology and there are still many more to come. Among them, we can find AlkebulanCoin, that aims to solve the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa.

What is AlkebulanCoin?

AlkebulanCoin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency designed to tokenize over 30 million African businesses before 2025. It will provide a new e-commerce platform for African entrepreneurs that will use AlkebulanCoin as a mode of payment. AlkebulanCoin will empower startups, foundations, schools and many others, thus boosting the African economy by creating a cryptocurrency that will unify the entire Africa into a single Blockchain.

The Problem

In Africa, the fiat currency is devaluating and this has a negative impact on the economy. Africa is a great continent with hard working people and visionary entrepreneurs, but the current state of the economy is putting small firms at risk. The poor infrastructure and the lack of financial backing, unable to expand internationally and the regional trading with different paper money in African countries represent a drawback for further development.

The Solution

AlkebulanCoin aims to solve the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa and improve electricity and power generation by creating an online platform for entrepreneurs across Africa. The Alkebulan Marketplace will use the cryptocurrency AlkebulanCoin as a mode of payment in its attempt to tokenize the future of African business and entrepreneurship.  Africans will be able to buy and sell goods and services and the initiators of this mind-blowing project are planning to close partnership with solar energy companies, startups, foundations, schools that will accept AlkebulanCoin as a payment method. By doing so, the African economy will bloom and flourish together with its hardworking people.

The Token

AlkebulanCoin (AKB) is a peer to peer, secure mode of payment built on top of the blockchain technology. This will bring full transparency of every transaction that will be recorded automatically together with details regarding the date, time and year of the transaction. Aside from this, the Google Map integration of African businesses from all over the world that will accept AlkebulanCoin as a method of payment will enable a wider adoption of the coin, bringing together entrepreneurs and organizations on the One Africa Online Marketplace. AlkebulanCoin comes with its own customized and easy to use online mobile wallet that can be used for trading and fast transactions


The Team

Behind AlkebulanCoin lies a visionary and motivated team that aims to improve the economy of Africa. Caleb Adekunle is the CEO &  CO-Founder Rosalyn Caleb Adekunle. Hezekiah Ogunwale Chief Technology Officer, Mayowa Ogunwale Chief Financial Officer, Annie Forsyth Chief Human Resources Officer, Ade Alex Adviser. 


AlkebulanCoin is a promising project that aims to solve the global crisis from Africa. The unified vision of a truly dedicated team can be a game changer and improve the crypto adoption among Africans