God's intervention is priceless!

When i was in JUTH (Jos University Teaching Hospital), there was this particular day, during the lock-down period. I had no cash at hand all the ATMs were out of order. My drugs were exhausted and i was in serious pain. My Brother was basically moving from one ATM to the other hoping they will be restored, till he gave up and came back. I was very confused and i just made a short prayer out of vex sef...It wasn't up to 5 minutes, when a woman and her daughter approached my bed...She greeted us and said she and a group of friends saved some amount of money together specifically to help patients at the hospital and she felt i needed this most...and handed over a fat envolope... I was shocked, i didn't know what to say sef...I was like "Ma'am are you sure you are in the right bed?" she smiled and said she believed we needed it. Omo if I had the strength, I for jump and hug her weh weh! I was sooo grateful I had to tear up...we thanked her and she left. I was so marvelled at God's providence and intervention. Right there i was re-assured of God's love for me and the power of prayer..She never disclosed who she was. And whoever she is, May God bless, Replenish and continue to show Himself strong in Her and Her friends..

Joshua Bognet

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