Dear Men and "Hi Angle" Men

How men should appropriately start a conversation with a lady in social media

Dear Men Hi Angle Men,

 You will agree with me when I say it has not been all rosy and sunshine for us out in the streets and the Dm’s. Kicking off a convo with a lady on social media is more complex and intimidating than it seems. It is no longer news that all the “Hi”, “hello”, “hello dear”, “Hi dear”, aren't enthralling convo starters, but words to out zone you from her DM. Worse is the case when you sloppily go with the Famous turn off “Hello Angle”, omo na only you and cricket sounds go dey chill for that space o. Unfortunately it's over for you.

 Different strokes for different folks though, not every girl is the same in the DM but one thing is common in this venn diagram of ladies…for a convo to initiate and remain sustainable, they prefer a guy with a unique conversational skill and a smart one at that. No one wants to be stuck with anyone as dry as my lips… Times have changed, talking about the same thing over and over again like some broken LP is not healthy at all, not even a guy enjoys that, it’s irritating honestly.

 Thank God for socialmedia platforms like Alkebulan and its versatility, it has made it some-worth easy to know a bit about her and her interests. Ama Still Yet Even ma sef, some brothers will not pay attention but prefer to go and embarrass their selves, and shut the door for other guys… Yes some of us are overly confident, our confidence cup runneth over sef, but we observe, take notes before making moves to avoid being smacked on the face with a rebuff.

 All of this long story is for us to learn and use what’s before us to break the DM’s. I am no pro sha… Ina struggle I dey struggle too… but so far from the lil I have heard, learned and experienced, the secrets no far from these:

1.Talk about mutual interest

2. Break the humongous ice by learning to engage her by commenting on her posts first and start interacting from there.

3. Be gentlemanly and classy bro, e no cost shi shi…Don’t scare her off with inappropriate, rude, and absurd chats. Even if she likes bad boys… Start well first.

4. Ask her about herself and I don’t mean the “tell me about yourself” line. Check her profile, her timelines to see her interests it might not be mutual but you might want to know more ….” wow, I see you are a ginger tea fan, can you maybe talk to me about some of its benefits ?”

5. If she doesn’t give you room to be too personal, avoid asking anything too personal

6. Make honest compliments when the time is right…Girls don taya to dey hear our “you are beautiful and pretty…” rather look for something pleasant about her you are drawn to...they appreciate honest guys for their profound and subtle judgments.

7. Respect her boundaries as much as you can.. remember, it's not by force… she might not say it but if she doesn’t want to chat or talk let her be and avoid all that “ashawo” “ou no even fine…I wan help your life” insults that expose a Giant “L” on your forehead.

 These are few of the lots …nothing new, we only ignored them.
Some or probably all these moves might not work on some girls because their wahala too much. No kill yourself, sign out like a man and Moveee! keep strong, keep on with the good fight bros’. Your crushes’ DM will cease to be a nightmare if you do it right … VIVA LA VIDA Bros’tongue-out


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