What makes you an Outlier?

This are personal musings straight from the deep fabric and abyss of my mind. My thoughts have been spiralling out of control recently and i wonder if the things that i cant control would be controlled eventually? Would i become an outlier if i change my situation or not!


  • a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.
    "an outlier in Faulkner's body of work"
    I would cut straight to the chase and lay my thoughts bare so we can all see reality in it's wicked and uncertain nakedness. It's quite fustrating having to navigate this phase of life with a lot of challanges and hurdles that present themselves in this intresting journey called life. The year is 2021 and all i can say is "Shit". As i sail on this murky waters fighting against tidal waves that cause shipwrecks my reslove remains certain that my voyage would end in bountiful rewards that have been borne out of sheer hardwork and consistency. To escape from this reality of hoplessness i have to become an outlier! I have to do what i must to level up and take my sit at the table! I have to be a 100 times better and a 100 times smarter if i have too. I have to be beyond average and i need to tower above all hurdles and take charge. To become the master of my journey and change my reality i must become something else in all aspects of my life. I must be different! A bloody outlier is what i must beocome
    Gladwell left me with something that struck deep and resonated within me the first time i read the book titled "Outliers"
    He proposed that once a person has practiced his or her craft for 10,000 hours, they enter a threshold of genius through which fame and fortune become tangible possibilities. At that point, the person is talented enough or smart enough or capable enough to be truly successful.
    Join me on this voyage and lets meet at our respective seats at the table!

Ismail Mubi

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