How do i get a website for my brand or business? This is a well curated article giving you insights on how to go about s


Hello there! I hope you are ready and prepared for growth? As a budding entrepreneur myself i have struggled to get and find a good and reliable service to help launch and maintain a website. Before my search which was fruitful in the end i did my research and drew up a list of focal points a website should have in order to perform at max capacity.

These are the necessary FOCUS POINTS your website needs to have to attain the level of growth that is needed to boost your brand!

Responsiveness- Making sure all web pages are properly aligned, rendered and optimized for mobile.
User interactions and experience- Designing the website to be aesthetically pleasing and engaging meeting new design trends and approaches. Also choosing suitable fonts and color schemes that communicate emotions of empathy, kindness and passion that would resonate with your target audience about what your brand is about.
Marketing integrations and Plugins — These integrations and plugins would give your brand an edge and make you stand out in the midst of competition. They will make your business process faster, easier and elevate it to the next level of growth.
Speed optimizations and caching to meet speed turbo requirements and pass the speed test.
SEO for google and bing search engines

Optimizing your website to be found on both google and bing giving your brand better visibility on the web. This web service i used provides and carters to all the focal points listed for your brand to grow! Find out more about the service i used here

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